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A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, and although there may still be some chilly days, it’s wise to add “clean the fireplace” to your spring cleaning list. Why bother servicing it now if you’re not going to use it more than a handful of times before next fall?

A fireplace in pristine condition inside and out is an attractive focal point in your home no matter what time of year. Plus, you’ll be all set when it’s time to use your fireplace once again.

The following are general guidelines for caring for your fireplace. Before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance of your unit, consult the manual for your particular model. As the saying goes, “Safety first!”



An electric fireplace requires minimal maintenance. Dusting the unit, cleaning the glass with glass cleaner, and periodically ensuring that the air vents are clean is all that is typically required.


Before doing any form of maintenance on your gas fireplace, turn off the pilot light and the gas valve. After carefully removing the glass panel and the faux logs, you can vacuum up any dirt or dust that has accumulated in your fireplace. If any of the logs have cracked or become worn or discoloured, they should be replaced. Dust the logs and clean the glass. Then, reassemble the unit.

Note: It is important that a professional do an annual inspection of your gas fireplace to keep it working safely and efficiently. Plus, if you notice damage around your fireplace or chimney—or if you see stains, cracked paint, or excess moisture—contact a professional.


After the fireplace and its contents are cold, remove any burnt wood. After removing the andirons and fireplace grate, knock off the ash into the fireplace. Sweep up the ash, and then use a vacuum to remove any remaining residue. Scrub the inside of the fireplace with a stiff brush and cleaner made specifically for the task, working from the top down. Then, clean the bricks using a pumice stone. Clean glass doors with glass cleaner and paper towel. Using dish soap and water, clean the andirons and fireplace tools.

Note: It’s important to have a professional clean your chimney regularly to prevent creosote build-up.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact My Fireplace.

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